Jumbe Backs Kabwila: Says Chakwera Has Lost Direction, Decries “Servant Leadership” In The Party.

Salima Central parliamentarian, Felix Jumbe, on Wednesday took to social networking site Facebook in defense of re-instated but fired Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicity secretary, Jessie Kabwila, saying the party’s leadership had lost direction in as far as adherence to the constitution is concerned.

Jumbe was also fired from the MCP for insubordination and belonging to parallel structures, an allegation he parries away vehemently to-date.

The politician-cum-businessman said on his Facebook Page that it was unwise of the party for failing to re-instate Kabwila even after it had cleared her of any wrong-doing.

“I observed insults to Hon. [Jessie Kabwila] hence the constitutional highlights to avoid discussing feelings,” wrote Jumbe.

He observed that a party constitution is “a public document meant to hold leaders accountable to the decisions they make on behalf of the people who entrusted them” with leadership.

Kabwila, too, told Nyasa Times that she was surprised that she was not being re-instated to her party position.

A fiery speaker and activist, Kabwila was being probed by an MCP’s special committee on allegation that she had plans to torch the party headquarters in the capital Lilongwe.

MCP’s deputy secretary general, Eisenhower Mkaka, refused to give reasons why the national executive committee (NEC) did not re-instate Kabwila.

And, in his opinion, Jumbe decried “servant leadership” in the party.

“Servant leadership is about constitutional compliance and respect of human rights [by] even those we choose to hate,” he wrote.

Quoting article 30 of the MCP Constitution of 1991, which conforms to the dictates of the Republican Constitution, he listed constitutional positions that can only be dealt by the convention – which is the most powerful structure of the party.

He added: “Remember this again was an effort of the framers to bring or graduate the party from the party from individualism to institutionalism. Dictatorship is an act of individual powers.”

According to Jumbe, all positions not on the list of the party constitution including that of Mkaka – the deputy secretary general – have to be endorsed by the convention.

The following is the list of the Members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) according to Article 30 of the MCP constitution:

The President
The First Deputy President
The Second Deputy President
The Secretary General
The Treasurer General
The Legal Advisor
The Publicity Secretary
Regional Chairmen, MCP (6)
Regional Chairpersons, LMW (6)
Regional Chairpersons, LMY (6)
The Director of Political Affairs
The Director of Womens Affairs
The Director of Youth
The Director of Elections
The Director of Research
The Deputy Secretary General
The Deputy Treasurer General
The Deputy Legal Advisor
The Deputy Publicity Secretary
The Deputy Director of Political Affairs
The Deputy Director of Women Affairs
The Deputy Director of Youth
The Deputy Director of Elections
The Deputy Director of Research

The members of the National Executive Committee shall be elected by the Convention of the party every five years provided that for the position of the President, he will hold such office for two terms only if elected for the second term.

– See more at: http://www.nyasatimes.com/jumbe-defense-kabwila-decries-constitutional-compliance-mcp/#sthash.EaMuBQR9.dpuf (March 16, 2017 Pius Nyondo- Nyasa Times)

11 Responses to "Jumbe Backs Kabwila: Says Chakwera Has Lost Direction, Decries “Servant Leadership” In The Party."

  1. Samson K Nkhata   March 16, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Ife achewa timayamba kusesa mnyumba kenako mkukamalizira panja komanso wina adati umayamba wachotsa chitsotso mdiso lako usanaone cha mdiso la anzako ndikatero ndatsiliza ndemanga yanga??????????

  2. Chris Dambuleni   March 16, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    its peter vs winiko,atupele vs lucius and chakwera vs kabwila basi equation ya balansa

  3. Sipho Kunene   March 17, 2017 at 12:46 am

    MCP is bigger than Jessy kabwira

  4. Kings Gondwe   March 17, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Problems!!! which party can be our answer.


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