JB Pledges To Transform Malawi Within 100 Days

Dr Banda was speaking at Thundu Primary School, Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba during a political rally highly patronized by its supporters, traditional and religious leaders among other groups.

Dr Banda said she wants to continue developing and transforming Malawi from where she stopped in 2014.

“During my two year regime, I did my part in developing this country in many ways which helped the vulnerable to walk out of poverty. So if given a chance to rule I will transform Malawi within the first 100 days,” pledged Banda.

She lamented the burden of poverty which most Malawians are carrying everyday due to the current regime’s lack of visionary leadership.

She cited lack of good prices for farm produce, electricity outages as some of the factors contributing to the high poverty levels in the country.

“My fellow Malawians who are in the villages work hard in the fields but when they want to sell their produce, they are offered lower prices at the market which is very pathetic and a mockery for what they have toiled for.

“We have other people who depend on electricity to do their businesses but as am talking they are failing to get their basic needs for their families due to power outages,” added Banda.

She vowed to reintroduce various initiatives which will bail vulnerable Malawians out of poverty.

For instance, the PP leader cited programmes such as; social cash transfer, one cow one family, good housing, bursaries for the needy students, universal farm input subsidy and loans for small scale businesses as some of the programmes aimed at poverty alleviation.

On education, Dr Banda said it was worrisome that teachers are not rewarded for their hard work as the government is not doing enough to raise their salaries and other benefits.

Therefore, she promised to raise education standards at all levels; a point that attracted ululations among college students who attended the function.

“I will make sure that schools have enough teaching and learning materials and that teachers’ working conditions have improved. Universities and other institutions of higher learning will have materials befitting their status and I will strive on emphasizing that students have decent accommodation and nutritious meals so that they put their concentration only on their studies,” said Banda.

In his remarks, PP’s secretary general, Ibrahim Matola said the party is fully geared for the next year’s elections; adding they would field candidates in all constituencies and wards; arguing the party has a solid foundation everywhere in the country.

2 Responses to "JB Pledges To Transform Malawi Within 100 Days"

  1. Nambewe   December 3, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    So why were you not able to do this when you were president? I really resent the way you people treat Malawians like fools!! You steal in broad day light, go abroad and better yourselves, people in Malawi continue being poor, die because no medication in the hospitals as all the money has been stolen and now you come back asking the same Malawians to allow you to do more cash-gate!!!! crazy!!!

  2. maganizo kaloza   December 7, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    It is very sad to hear that you can develop this country within 100days.Misala chiani.You failed to develop this country within 2years you were in power.Are you crazy?


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