JB Hires Political Lightweight for PP Presidency Challenge

In a desperate bid to create a semblance of democracy, Joyce Banda has hired a very little known Leonard  Mphiza to challenge her for the position of president at the forth coming People Party (PP) convention slated for this month-end.

Mphiza: JB’s Purported Challenger

Mphiza is currently serving as a Deputy Regional Secretary for the South in PP and has since accepted to challenge Banda.

“I have  already started approaching delegates in all the  regions  in the  country  making sure that  when we go to the convention I come out strong  and I am very positive  I am going to give her a good run for her money,” he said.

PP Secretary General Ibrahim Matola has confirmed that Mphiza has indeed stepped forward to challenge Joyce Banda.

“We have told him to come at the party’s headquarters to collect the forms for the position, we have already accepted his candidature   and if there are others aspiring for such position let them come out open, we will accept them just like we have just done with Mr. Mphiza. All positions are up for grabs at the convention because we exercise genuine democracy at Peoples Party” said Matola.

Leonard Mphiza first appeared on the political scene in 2009 when he competed and lost in a Local Government race for  Chikonde ward in Neno North.

He is a graduate from University of Liverpool in Zimbabwe where he studied Business Administration and has worked with Blantyre Print and Kandodo McConnell. Meanwhile he is heading a Construction Company in Neno.

However, information in Malawi Voice’s possession indicates that Mphiza was given a mere k200, 000 to run against JB just to please the critics who have been questioning democracy in DPP, MCP and UDF for letting presidential candidates run un opposed at their respective convention.

“Initially we picked Ibrahim Matola, but we feared he has potential to unseat JB owing to his connection to the ground roots. That was when the name of Mphiza was proposed,” said a well placed source in the PP.



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