Japan Offers To Help Malawi Diversify Cash Crops

Fabiano welcomes Kono

Minister of Foreign Affairs for Japan Toro Kono has said his country is ready to help Malawi to migrate from tobacco dependence to other crops.

Kono said Malawi cannot continue relying on tobacco as major forex earner as global prices keep dwindling.

He was speaking to Malawi’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano on the sidelines of TICAD 7 Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo Japan.

Part of Malawi delegation

Kono said that his country imports 70 percent of Malawi tobacco but consumption trend is going down worldwide including Japan.

In his remarks, Fabiano said Malawi cannot ignore the emerging trends on the global market. He said Malawi is seriously considering ways of diversifying the agriculture sector.

He thanked Japan for the offer to help Malawi to diversify its agriculture sector.

“Japan has consistently supported our development efforts through grant aid and technical assistance. It will be amiss if I do not make mention of the support Japan gives to Malawi, as one of Global Fund’s largest donors. As you are aware, Malawi is one of the Global Fund’s largest recipients. Malawi has made tremendous strides towards managing Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS and Malaria with the support of

The meeting in pogress

Global Fund and other partners”, said Fabiano.

Fabiano asked Japan for increased funding to Global Fund.

The Minister also emphasized Malawi’s interest and readiness for increased trade and Japanese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Malawi receives the largest number of Japanese Volunteers globally through the Japan Overseas Corporation Volunteers (JOCV) initiative which started in 1971. In addition, Japan provides infrastructure support to Malawi… Warmheartnews

Fabiano, Kono shake hands in solidality after the fruitful meeting

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