Is Dr. Laz Chakwera Justified To Write Donors Over The Claimed Threats On Lawrence Sitolo?

Chakwera: Under Fire

Let me first accept that indeed Sitolo is a strong candidate in Nsanje Lalanje on grounds that he is truly a son of the area unlike his competitors. He has performed better even more than the two last MPs Mr Chirwa and late Ganda. Lawrence could have been in parliament dating back in 2009 when he stood for PPM and later in 2014 for PP but something happened and he was robbed of his victory. Sitolo is more like a brother to me. We knew each other in Dedza and when I was Director of youth for PPM he was my deputy and in 2009 I stood for Dedza South against JZU Tembo and he stood for Nsanje Lalanje.

My take is on the stand of Dr Laz Chakwera leader of opposition and MCP president has taken to report the claims of Sitolo’s intimidation to donors. As far as I appreciate his bold decision am on the view that in a democracy, Dr Chakwela could have demonstrated politics of inclusion by first involving local organisations such as the institutions that safeguard our democracy, like MEC, police, Human Rights committee, law society, NGO’S and more. Leadership means building a tattered society than throwing spanners into the political gear boxes.

By writing donors, he means he has lost trust in the MEC that will also conduct the 2019 elections. By writing donors, without knowing their stand and response, the donors may resort to withdraw of donor support to the same by-elections there by denying the people the chance to be represented in parliament that is sad. It is my hope that Dr Laz will extend his gesture to protect anyone who is being intimidated by DPP as he prepares for 2019 victory.

Lawrence Sitolo: Bone of contention

It is time for him to look outside MCP and focus on Malawi as a whole. By naming his political opponents in the letter as behind this, is very dangerous from a leader who wants to be the President of this country without evidence that was supposed to be given to MEC for legal processes, this is similar to the false JB warrant of arrest. People like Nankhumwa, Masangwi and others hope have not been mentioned to gain political mileage in as far as propaganda is concerned in Malawi just like the DPP do. It is my sincerely hope that the MCP is in possession of all the said evidence. Let MCP report them to police if evidence is available.

To express feelings is not a problem but how to use them is what is paramount. We in the opposition we should at all cost refrain from adopting the DPP cancer of false allegations.

I could have been very happy if Dr Chakwera acted very quick to write donors as he has done with the Sitolo’s intimidation, on the abuse of power  for instance maize scandal, peacekeeping missing allowances for our hardworking soldiers, the death of Njaunju, the death of Chasowa, the famous cashgate files which are still under carpet till this day, lack of basic amenities in our hospitals, gender based violence, theft at ministry of health and agriculture the list is too long to mention. (By Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza)

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  1. Mbonga Matoga   September 3, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Chakwera was right in exposing this DPP govt to the outside world………….which police force can handle this case, not the politically compromised Malawi police obviously……….
    This is the same police that failed to arrest Moses Kuchingale when he was caught red handed in the Mchinji by-election impersonating an Electoral Commission officer…….
    This is the same police that stood by when the DPP henchmen went on a rampage and torched the Electoral Commission warehouse in Lilongwe to stop a recount of votes……..
    This is the same police that is accused of murdering Robert Chasowa at the Polytechnic, Mr Njauju at the ACB just to mention a few…….
    Malawians lost trust in the Malawi police ages ago and Chakwera would have been so naïve to report this case to the same young democrats infested police force…….The good news is that no matter how much noise Mr Dausi can make on this letter the donors already know the truth……..


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