Illovo Refutes Looming Sugar Scarcity Claims

Illovo Sugar Company Thursday denied rumours going round on social media that the country might experience shortage of sugar on the local market because the company is not crushing any cane since November, 2016.

According to Illovo Public Relations Officer, Ireen Phalula, the rumours are not true as the company has always had enough stocks even when the sugar making machine stops working for a considerable period of time.

She said there is plenty of sugar in stock at Illovo Malawi saying cane crop is doing fine at both Nchalo and Dwangwa.

The PRO said, “We are set for new milling season which normally starts in April every year after the rainy season.”

She said people should budget as normally as they do and there is no need to panic buying or stockpiling the commodity in their respective places.

Every year Illovo stops production in November and resumes the following year in April and in between the company carries out several maintenance activities as it waits rainy season to end.

Another response from one of the employees at Illovo circulating on social media says, “In the meantime we are not crushing any cane. We stopped in November 2016 and we will resume in April, 2017.

“This is the period every year the mill does not crush cane for a period of about six months, so during the period the company always has enough stock to sell during off-crop.”

Reports indicate that the local sugar market has not been good of late due to some imported sugar on the market as such Illovo already has more sugar than they need but Phalula refused to comment on this saying Ministry of Industry and Trade could be in a better position to comment. (By Tikondane Vega

Blantyre, February 3, Mana)


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