Illegally Constituted MCP Nec Fires VP Richard Msowoya, SG Gustav Kaliwo And Jessie Kabwila

Tension: The Meeting of the illegally constituted NEC In Progress On Sunday At MCP Headquarters
The illegally constituted National Executive Committee (NEC) has resolved to fire Hon. Richard Msowoya and Hon. Gustav Kaliwo, VP and SG of the party respectively.

Chakwera’s NEC has also resolved to kick out of the party second vice president MacDonald Lombola, deputy secretary general Chatonda Kaunda and treasurer general Tony Kandiero for urging Chakwera to abide by the party Constitution through a letter.

Msowoya: Fired
In the meeting, Lombola tried to protest the decision and give his side of the story but to no avail.

The meeting also resolved to hold its Convention from 4th to 6th April 2019.

When contacted by The Nation to comment, Msowoya who is also Speaker of Parliament declined to comment, arguing that he has not received any communication and cannot comment on speculation.

However, analysts say the Speaker, who is also a lawyer, will work to fix MCP in Parliament which begins on Monday.

Kaliwo, another lawyer who has been insisting on constitutionalism in the party, has sworn to fight in Court. Kaliwo has already applied to Court to declare null and void resolutions of the ‘NEC’ meeting which many believe is illegal.

Kaliwo: Also Fired
Earlier in the day, nineteen members of the party were barred from attending the meeting. They include Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo, Party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila, the outspoken Juliana Lunguzi, the critical Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and fifteen others.

Vice President of the party Richard Msowoya sent an apology as he did not want to be embarrassed.

The agenda of the meeting was twofold: (a) to fire from the party members who are critical to Lazarus Chakwera’s drive for absolute dictatorship.
(b) to agree on the process of impeaching Richard Msowoya as Speaker of Parliament.

The meeting lasted beyond 11:00pm because it was full of heated debates as Chakwera fought to maintain his grip of power.

Kabwila:Also sent packing
Where as Msowoya and Kaliwo are seeking the legal route, Chakwera has mobilised the terror machine of the Red Shirts to wage violence and intimidate his enemies.

Before the meeting, Chakwera’s terror machine of Red Shirts chased and stoned a Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) van from covering the meeting. This move has shocked the media fraternity which enjoys maximum freedom of expression under the reign of President Peter Mutharika. The terror of the Red Shirts reminds many of the terror and intimidation tactics used in the Malawi Congress Party dictatorship.

Chakwera: MCP Dictator
Meanwhile, the High Court of Malawi is expected to rule whether Chakwera’s NEC and the meeting are legal or not.

The disgraced members of the party are also expected to breathe fire at a hot Press Conference expected on Monday.

At the same, Parliament is waiting to see intense political drama as the battle between the Speaker of Parliament and his party gets drawn to Parliament.

The consequences of this worsening war are yet to be seen. But the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit has warned that Malawi Congress Party will lose the 2019 Elections because of their divisions and lack of an articulate vision to provide an alternative to President Mutharika.

With the terror machine unleashed, the Courts waiting with a tough indictment and Parliament waiting to fight back, the political war seems to be graduating to proportions of a political Armageddon as MCP increasingly draws itself into a self-destruction.

39 Responses to "Illegally Constituted MCP Nec Fires VP Richard Msowoya, SG Gustav Kaliwo And Jessie Kabwila"

  1. Jimmy Mvula   January 29, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Juliana Lunguzi And MCP

  2. Noel Chipez Matapila   January 29, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Ndiwe Wa bodza anawakaniza ndindani? Mesa anakana okha. Mazoba muva bebe musanati tima agent tanu tathotholedwa

  3. Neverson M'boma   January 29, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Mbuzi zigawidwe

  4. Mike Khoza   January 29, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    Mbc mwayamba ukazitape ?nanga mumakatan

  5. Ovolosi Bvalani   January 30, 2018 at 11:20 am

    I want to believe that in politics people choose to pay a blind eye to actual issues to drive their propaganda. Let me start with MCP; The problem that is there in MCP is not that Msowoya doesn’t want Mia. We all know what Msowoya has been saying about the problems in MCP. Msowoya has been putting it straight to Dr. Chakwera, that Chakwera is flouting the MCP constitutional procedures by sidelining the leaders chosen by the convention and choosing to work with his (Chakwera) improvised leaders. I remember, MCP recently had a very fruitful meeting where they agreed among many things to use the legitimate leaders that were chosen by the convention. Therefore the issue is not that Msowoya doesn’t want Mia but that Chakwera is doing things unconstitutional. We have alot to discuss on this.
    On DPP, the same problem is haunting them though, they seem shielded by the fact that they are in government. DPP has been very undemocratic in choosing leaders that represent the party. Since the last convention, the DPP has replaced alot of leaders that were chosen at the convention with the ones that Muthalika is comfortable with. That is wrong. Muthalika has shown now and then that he doesn’t respect the intra-party democracy. You will agree with me that, that’s the reason why no one seems to be talking at the moment in DPP about which leadership will represent the party in the next general elections. Alot fear that they may just be replaced unceremoniously. Therefore before these two parties even go to their conventions they need to start respecting their respective constitutions.


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