How Does MCP Explain The Absence Of Competition At The Staged Convention?

Chakwera, Mia at the convention

How does MCP explain the absence of competition for its three top most positions (President, Vice President and second Vice president)? Was the convention (or the elections) a staged act with already predetermined top positions?

Or are these three top positions not so attractive in MCP that candidates in the Tambala okuda camp couldn’t compete for them? Could it be that Chakwera expressed interest to strictly work with Mia and Mkandawire as his deputies, and that the delegates out of loyalty acted within a radius of the set zone of flexibility?

Or could it be that MCP has become so homogenous that people’s thinking have boobily become alike? Isn’t this a manifestation of a well orchestrated groupthink?

My thinking was that as MCP is increasingly becoming more attractive, more and more people would die for occupying top positions in the party. The social dissonance and the irony of it is that most positions, even beyond the three, went unchallenged, people were just being endorsed. Or could this be because Kaliwo made the dates of the convention unpredictable? All ways, viva MCP for holding the elections. We hope in DPP and the remaining major parties, all the positions will be up for grab.

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  1. alexmbuka   May 13, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Ndiye aziti aziti ku UDF Kunali mbava mwinaso Kumasi ku DPP Kali mbava kaya mwinaso ku PP Kunali mbava! Hahaha mbava zabwela ku MCP . Atisokonezela chips I anthurium a mtukhatunka awa.


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