He Is Here Today, There Tomorrow!!

97 Responses to "He Is Here Today, There Tomorrow!!"

  1. Chingolopiyo   March 8, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Close to 100 responses but most posted by one Anonymous just show how desperate the guy and his party is. How I wish he had eyes to see that Laza came with a short pomp as a game changer but now he is as worse as spent layers. o pomp anymore. Reason, appetite for cash. Just show him cash, he will even swear at his own party. If people belittle DPP, just ask Mia and JB. Opakula ndi opakulilidwa amadya pabwino ndi ndani? DPP inalowa mboma ikupakulilidwa, what more now that akupakula?


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