Hall Of Shame:No Salaries For Times Group Employees 

Kasakula: Just Thinking Of Fattening His Stomach Only

Nine days into a new month have gone for staff at the self acclaimed media giant The Times Group  without salary.

It has now become normal for employees at the media house to receive their salaries very late always in the new month.
As of Tuesday most employees had not received their April salaries and morale in the newsroom was low.
The worst thing is that while those working under Blantyre Newspapers Limited are assured of salaries, the story is not the same for those working under Times Television. It is not known when they will get their salaries as the television is failing to generate enough funds even for salaries for the start directly working under it.
“Those working for newspapers are assured of salaries but those under Times TV, it is not known when they will be paid. All along it was the newspapers that generated salaries even for those working under T.V..  But now because every subsidiary is wailing management is forcing each department to raise own funds enough for salaries for the staff under it,” one employee said.
Hall Of Shame: The Times Group

Another employee hinted that he was working on his exit strategy as he could not continue working for the company which he described as sinking Titanic.

“The future is uncertain. Some of us have families and children to look after. The sooner we get out the better,”  the employee said.
Chikadya (Left): Abusing Staff At Times Group

Several employees blamed the current management under Leonard Chikadya for the financial crisis at The Times Group

“And the board of directors is useless. It does not do anything because Chikadya gives them money even if the company is in dire straits. So they are hoodwinked all the time,” he said.
The company failed to send many journalists to this year’s press freedom day celebrations in Lilongwe because of lack of funds

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  1. Nuru Kombora   May 10, 2017 at 6:21 am

    The same is with National Library Service of Malawi which is a government department, my brother who works there told me that today the 10 of May workers have not yet get their Aprial salary and they dont know when they will get it because treasury has not funded them

  2. Joseph L Majawa   May 10, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Wats so strange here? Even government does that


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