Green Belt Initiative (GBI), The Game Changer in Malawi’s Economy

The Greenbelt Initiative: Game Changer

 In ensuring food sustenance, Bingu kick-started the Greenbelt Initiative (GBI) along the fresh water Lake Malawi and other irrigable areas which at its full operation will irrigate some 100,000 hectares across the country. Year after year there is an increase in irrigated land both under GBI and other programs being run by government.

 It is only a matter of time for GBI to trigger fully mechanized and industrialized agriculture, a steady path towards economic growth. This year has seen an increase in the land planted with sugarcanes for production of sugar at the Salima Sugar Factory.
President Peter Mutharika Inspecting The Salima Sugar Company

We also take note a substantial increase in hectarage of land where legumes of various types have been planted and a potential for a high harvest is anticipated. The increase in both sugar production and legumes is good news for Malawi’s local and export potential. At the moment, Malawi has several dangling offers of its legumes in Asia and other areas.

 If supply can be made, foreign exchange earnings will be assured and this will in turn boost the economy of the country. We can only applaud the administration of the DPP for working hard to ensure that Malawi is not only food secure but also has enough crops that can be exported to beef up its foreign exchange earnings.
Initiated The Program:Bingu

We pray that these gains should not be lost but supported by all stakeholders so that the country should progress towards self sufficiency in food and have a clean and healthy export base.

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