Goodall Presents Good-For-All 2018/2019 National Budget

Minister of Finance and Economic Development Goodall Gondwe on Friday presented to Parliament the 2018/2019 national budget pegged at K1.504 trillion.

The budget has better news for civil servants, the youth, chiefs and all Malawians in general.

See the highlights and the read the entire budget:

K10 billion-Malata subsidy
K2 billion-Train civil servant to PhD
K5 billion- Employ 10,000 youth in reafforestation
K4.8billion- Employ youth aged 18-30 in different government department and ministries based on qualifications.
20billion- Purchase maize
K41.5billion- FISP
Employ 10,500 primary school teachers
Employ 500 secondary school teachers
Employ 1000, medical staff
Funding for 2019 Elections- K31.5 billion
Fund census on our own- K31.5 billion
Senior civil servant increase salary by 10%
Junior civil servant increase salary by 20%

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