Glossary of Flopped CSO and MCP Demos in Malawi

Since May 2014, MCP, CEDEP, PAC, CHRR and YCS have been organizing anti-government demonstrations. None has been successful because the public associate them with anarchy and politics. Here are some of the demonstrations that have failed:

MARCH 2017

They organize the much hyped Day of Rage demonstrations against what it called government impunity. The demonstrations were planned to run for 7 days. On the first day of the protest, less than 20 people in Lilongwe turned up and the protests lasted for less than one hour.

JUNE 2017

PAC plans demonstrations to be one of the activities at the end of its 5+1 all stakeholder inclusive conference in Blantyre. The demonstrations fail. The public say they do not see sense in them at all. In addition, the placards for the demonstrations went missing.


PAC and the CSOs plan demonstrations on the enactment of the Electoral Reforms Bills. These were the most well-backed demonstrations in Malawi’s recent democracy. Catholic Bishops are cheated into supporting the demos. The demonstrations failed.


PAC tries to urge the public to go on the streets in reaction to the failure of the electoral bills in Parliament. Delegates to the meeting where PAC wanted to strategize on protests were divided and threw away the idea. The plan fails.

APRIL 2018

These are the probably the most-hyped of their demonstrations. They take a month to organize. In between there is a lot of media coverage. They generate audio clips and posters wooing the public to the streets. All large mainstream media play their part in the publicity. The organizers dish out K3,000s for people to come to the streets and they themselves pocket huge sums of money. MCP president Lazarus Chakwera joins. The turnout becomes a trickle such that there are more placards than people. In Blantyre, it is a mere big walk of less than 100 people. The protest, billed to be nationwide, are also big flop.

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