Friends of Mulanje Trust Formed: Hapuwani’s Ken Chilewe And MJ Shoprite’s Pharaoh Phiri Are Members


Chilewe: One Of The Members

A group of influential business people in Mulanje have formed a Trust called Friends of Mulanje with the aim of developing the district.

According to the grouping’s publicist Charles Chikuwo, the grouping thought of establishing the Trust after noting the huge gap that was there in the promotion of developmental activities by citizens of the district.

He disclosed this Friday during the unveiling of the Trust to the Mulanje District Executive Committee (DEC).

Chikuwo added that among other things, the grouping will work towards; preserving and restoring culture, conserving natural resources and improving education standards.

In terms of funding, he explained that members will be making contributions which will be used in its activities.

“Indeed we have formed a Trust which is at the moment registered because we would like to take an active role as Mulanje Citizens in the promotion of development and other activities in the district,” Chikuwon added.

District Commissioner (DC) for Mulanje Reinghard Chavula thanked the citizens for availing and pledging themselves to support the council in its activities but urged them to harmonize themselves with other similar groupings in the district to avoid conflict of interests.

Among some notable business persons in the Trust are; owner of Hapuwani Village Lodge, Ken Chilewe and Pharaoh Phiri, owner of Mulanje Shoprite. (By Nellie Kapatuka, Mulanje, February 18, Mana)

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  1. Thom Simbota   February 19, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Open the doors so that other interested members from the district should join


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