Fountain Of Hope Ministries Launches Balaka Branch In Style

Leading evangelist for Balaka crusade hands over the pair of scissors to our father in The Lord for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the church that had been planted
As part of commemorating its three years anniversary, Fountain of Hope Ministries International last weekend took the gospel to Balaka for a two-long day crusade, starting with a night of prayer on Friday and day service on Saturday.
The Balaka crusade follows another crusade in Blantyre fortnight ago.

According to one of the Ministries founders, Prophetess Dawa Kamanga, the theme of the crusade was “Mustard Seed” and it was a mission of planting the Fountain of Hope Ministries International Balaka branch.

Night of prayer in session
“There was the Word of God preached, healings and deliverances of the spiritually oppressed. God Jehovah was glorified in the two days of the crusade.” She said.

The crusade also saw Dr. Maseko, an evangelist and a spiritual dad to Prophet and Prophetess Kamanga preach the Word of God which was a delight to many.

The branch launched, will be the second branch after the Mbabvi branch in Lilongwe. All of this is in line with the celebration marking three years in Ministry.

Night of prayer in session[/caption]Services in Balaka are held every Sunday at Balaka Primary School in 7C from 9:30am to 1:30pm and bible studies are on Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm at the pastors residence.

Fountain of Hope Ministries International is a prophetic Holy Spirit led Church with a strong emphasis on the Word of God.
Prophet Vitu Kamanga and Prophetess Dawa Kamanga founded Fountain of Hope Ministries International three years ago. The church started congregating at their home in October 2014 before The Lord moved them to Nkwichi Secondary School in 2015.

A year later, as they grew they moved to Lingadzi Inn in 2016. Today, by the grace of God they are congregating at Crossroads Hotel in Nyasa Room every Sunday from 1:00pm to 5pm.

Clergy meeting before service on Day 2 of the crusade in Balaka

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