Former VP Khumbo Kachale Says VP Chilima Will Not End Quota System

Chilima, Khumbo captured in this photo

Former vice president of Malawi Khumbo Kachale has dismissed vice president Saulos Chilima’s part of manifesto that he will end quota system of education.

Chilima said on Saturday when he launched his United Transformation Movement that he will end quota system.

But writing on his face book page Kachale rubbished Chilima’s manifesto:

“I want to disappoint you here and this is the hard truth: there are only a few people that can abolish quota system and unfortunately and with due respect, the Right Honourable Vice President, Honourable Dr. Chilima, is not one of them. I was there when the former president, Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda, called quota system evil at a public rally. We had 2 full academic years which our administration was fully in-charge. I kept on pushing that we should fulfill our pledge but that never happened. Things are easily said than done. The only President who will abolish quota system is that one who will have full vested interests in it and I put it to you again fellow malawians that Dr Chilima is not that President. Thank you all.”

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  1. Apanganasuza   July 28, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    Wasowa chonena uyu mbwenumbwenu, useless politician full of jealous


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