Former Flames Striker Jones ‘Speedlink Nkhwazi’ Joins DPP UK… As The Wing Gets More Members For 2019 Elections Campaign

Kamundi welcoming the Nkhwazi into the Mighty DPP

In its continued efforts to help the mighty Democratic Progressive Party win with landslide victory in 2019, its UK wing recently held a ‘Free Ticheze Barbeque’ in Leicestershire to welcome new members.

During the event, the wing welcomed new members who decided to join the party after appreciaiting what it has achieved under President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika within four years.

One new member is former Malawi National Football team scoring machine Jones Nkhwazi  well known as the ‘Speedlink’ in his football days.

In an interview, Nkhwazi said he would work hand in hand with the party to ensure that it gets landslide victory in 2019 and continue developing Mother Malawi.

The wing’s chairperson Lewis Kamundi said the wing would continue working together for the betterment of the party.

“After learning about our continued charity work especially the recent donation to fire victims at Mangochi District Hospital, most of these new members were motivated to join the wing,” said Kamundi.

Chala mmwamba, chala mmwamba: Kamundiwith Nkhwazi

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