For the Good of Malawi, APM Deserves Another Term

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  1. #DzukaniAmalawi   April 5, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Your list of achievements Senior Chief are laughable, in light of credible global ratings by World Bank. In the last 4 years, under DPP reign, Malawi has slided to the poorest country in the world (7 out of 10 are categorised as poor; 1 out 3 go to bed hungry), Corruption Index is at its worst it has been, healthy and education have collapsed and so has the rule of law. ACB, Police and Directorate of Public Prosecutions, are all dysfunctional, poorly resourced and compromised. Crime and corruption are at their highest levels in years. If anyone ever writes or talks about Malawi being in the right space deserves to have his brain tested. You really are taking Malawians for fools.


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