For The First Time In Our History We Have National IDs, National Optic Fibre Backbone, Cancer Centre Under Construction, Rural Electrification, Mulanje & Mzimba Water Projects-APM

My Fellow Malawians

Flashback:President Mutharika and then then Home Affairs Minister Grace Chiumia at the Launch of National Registration Exercise
In the year that ended, we have made progress that we should build on as we get into 2018. We cannot be complacent. But we have a reason to look forward with hope.

For the first time in our history, you can collect and own a National Identity Card because you are a valued citizen of Malawi. This will go down in history that in the year 2017, we accomplished the National ID project.

For the first time, we are connecting people, businesses, offices and places on a National Optic Fibre Backbone. We are taking Malawi into the digital age and Malawi must have affordable, fast and reliable internet.

For the first time, we are building a Cancer Centre and we are about to begin a military hospital. For the first time, Malawi will have an aerial ambulance.

For the first time, we resolved to say goodbye to dusty roads in our towns and cities. You should expect more roads in 2018.

For the first time, we are building roads across villages and rural communities never ever thought about.

I want every part of this country connected with decent roads. I want Malawi to have state of the art roads everywhere.

At the same time, this country must have potable water everywhere.

We will remember 2017 as the year we commissioned new water supplies in Chitipa and Mangochi.

We launched construction of a water supply in Mzimba. In the South, works have started on the Likhubula Water Supply project, which will tap water from Mulanje Mountain to Blantyre and surrounding areas. That is not all. The Salima-Lilongwe water project is next.

More than ever, we are taking rural electricity to villages and communities never imagined before.

In 2017, we took electricity to most rural places in the country.
We are taking development to the people and not taking people to development.

Shortly we will be launching a free access to television project. The project will provide 500 villages across the country free satellite television. This will improve access to information in rural areas.

I am aware that the power shortages of 2017 have been very painful and slowed down our businesses. We are implementing long term plans that will end this problem forever. This problem must be over this year 2018.

This country failed to invest in energy that matches our population growth since colonialism. For 53 years we invested in only 131 Megawatts.

As indicated earlier, for the first time, this year in 2018, we will soon be saying farewell to blackouts forever.

Our plans go far beyond the much talked about generators, which are a short term solution. For the first time, power shortage will be history.

For the first time in our history, we are establishing community technical colleges to create a skilled labour force. No country can develop without a skilled labour force.

We are determined to continue developing more skills in our youths.

For the first time, we have seen our Foreign Direct Investment program bringing new infrastructure and creating new jobs. In 2018, we should expect more investors and more jobs.

We already have 3.5 billion dollars committed to be invested in Malawi.

23 Responses to "For The First Time In Our History We Have National IDs, National Optic Fibre Backbone, Cancer Centre Under Construction, Rural Electrification, Mulanje & Mzimba Water Projects-APM"

  1. Nkhambako   January 3, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Onse a mcp zabwino samaziwona ,mmaso mwawo munada ndi nkhaza ,anakhuta mwano ,kusayamika ,ugogodi ngati mwiyawo chakwera.

    • Mutumwa   January 3, 2018 at 7:27 pm

      That’s right! Mmaso monse mwazi okhaokha! Ndi anthu amene anapha aja! Sangathe kuonanso zabwino pano. Koma kumangobwebweta za ziii! Sikuti sakudziwatu kuti zinthu zikuyenda, akudziwa ndithu koma ufiti wa nyau! Paja ndi central region party!


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