First Lady Urges Church Women To Be Exemplary…”Let Us Be True Soldiers Of The Christ”

The FirstLady Captured At The Event

First lady Dr. Gertrude Mutharika has urged women in the country to be exemplary in their everyday undertakings for the betterment of the church, families and the nation as a whole.

Mutharika said women should be firm soldiers of Jesus Christ despite any circumstances they may be going through.

She made the statement Sunday morning after attending the Nkhoma Synod Women’s Guild Annual Conference at Kapita CCAP church in Lilongwe.

The women’s guild conference, held after every two years, brings together a high powered delegation of women from the Synod’s 180 plus churches across the country.

The women gather with the aim of reflecting on the activities of the previous years, plan on future activities, agree on other terms and references, teach each other various skills and also encourage each other’s spiritual lives.

“Let us be soldiers of Jesus Christ and let us invite him into our lives so that he can train us on how best we can be his soldiers.

“In all of our activities we are doing, we should be communicating with God at all times. And most importantly, let us avoid wasting time with useless things which many women are associated with like jealousy and backbiting,” said the first lady.

The first lady challenged the women’s guild to be exemplary so as to attract more women to the guild and to Christ.

She said it is high time women in guilds start being role models to the younger generation.

According to her, many young girls are enticed in joining other groups or professions due to the role models they see. However, she said rarely does it happen for young girls to have an ambition of joining the women’s guild when they grow up.

“Let us be the soldiers of Christ who may be able to attract our young girls in having a dream of joining the women’s guild.

“This can only be achieved if the young girls see the power of Christ in us,” said Mutharika.

In her remarks, Chairperson for Nkhoma Synod Women’s Guild, Sophia Mthiko said the first lady’s presence at the event indicates the interest she has in women of this country, regardless of their tribe or religious affiliations.

Reverend Dr Chatha Msangaambe, moderator for Nkhoma synod said Malawi is lucky to have a God fearing first lady.

“Some of us see things in spiritual eyes. If the leadership and also the first lady of a country do not know God, bad things are surely to happen. But when you are prayerful, God definitely sees your country.

“But we are lucky and proud to have you as our first lady. This is not only because you come from Nkhoma Synod, but because you are a God fearing first lady,” said Msangaambe.

Cecilia Chazama, minister of civic education, culture and community development applauded and encouraged the first lady to continue praying for the women, the country and its leadership. (By Sylvester Kumwenda, Lilongwe, July 30, Mana)





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