Finally Disciplined: Kaliati, Callista Told To Shut Up At UTM Launch

Kaliati, Callista: Discplined

The two foul mouthed women, Callista Chapola and Patricia Kaliati were not allowed to speak at the launch of the United Transformation Movement in Mangochi on Sunday.

The two women are known for despising President Peter Mutharika for no apparent good reasons but hatred and bitterness.

Embattled vice president Saulos Chilima who unveiled the movement in the district did not allow the two women to speak but they were recognized by those who spoke.

Many Malawians especially women have complained about Kaliati and Callista over their savage behaviour of despising President Peter Mutharika because of their own frustrations.

At all previous launches of the movement, the two took turns to castigate the president.

UTM has confirmed that the two women are embarrassing to the nation ” and that is why we did not allow them to speak.”

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