Fertilizer-gate: Rab Processors Limited Cornered For Selling Expired Fertilizer

MBS Director General Davlin Chokazinga said the Bureau raided the warehouse after receiving a tip from members of the general public that the company was planing to sell the expired fertilizer.The fertilizer, suspected to have expired last year, was being repackaged at one of the company’s warehouses in Limbe.

“We received a tip that Rab Processors Limited in Limbe have got a huge consigment of fertiliser which expired in October 2016 and some bags in December 2016 and they were rebagging the fertilizer into new bags, which are labled manufactured this year and expiry 2021.

“We thought that was a joke, but we did send our team to verify the claims and when they came here, they were shocked to find huge quantity of expired fertilizer being put in new bags so that they can put back on the market,” explained Chokazinga.

Chokazinga said the Bureau will take action accordingly as it is “matter of life and death”.

“Our economy agro-based and if we start giving our farmers rubbish, and rubbish will come and therefore the agricultural productivity will definitely go down. So, we will take proper action so that this practice is put to stop forthwith,” he added.

He warned other companies doing similar malpractices that the “Bureau is there and it will taken action ànd they will not like the action”.

There was no immediate comment from from comment the company whose Directors are reportedly outside the country.

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