FACT CHECK: PP MP Ralph Mhone Lies In Parliament On Fuel Prices

Mhone: Has lied in Malawi’s House of Records

People’s Party MP Ralph Mhone said in Parliament this week that during PP regime between April 2012 and May 2014, fuel prices never increased in Malawi.

He said actually fuel prices reduced. However the facts show that he is lying.


According to fuel price list for the period, at time PP took over government, petrol was selling at K490 per litre, diesel at K475 per litre and paraffin was at K388 per litre.

By the time PP was booted out of government in May 2014, petrol was selling at K839 per litre, diesel was at K853 per litre and paraffin was at K719 per litre.


A further analysis of prices shows that fuel prices went up by at least 71% in just the 2 years of Joyce Banda government.

In a situation where we say the February 2012 price was maintained to elections and we analyse that with the price today, it shows that  in the 4 years of President Peter Mutharika government,  petrol pricevhas gone up by 18% and diesel by 16%.


Mhone, a lawyer by trade, LIED.

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