Exit Murekezi, Enter Donald Ndawayezi: Rwandan National Arrested for Defrauding Traders

As the extradition issue of Vincent Murekezi is expected to go back to court soon, another Rwandan national Donald Ndawayesi is in the custody of Lilongwe Police for defrauding individuals and commercial banks tens of millions kwachas.

 Lilongwe Police Spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula confirmed of the arrest, saying Ndawayezi, aged 42, was nubbed in Zimbabwe and handed-over to Malawi on Friday, February 24.

According to Dandaula, after defrauding individuals and institutions, Ndawayezi fled to Zimbabwe, but was swiftly apprehended by the police in that country.

Dandaula said a lot of individual are still trekking to Lilongwe Police to launch their own claims against Ndawayeza.

Meanwhile, information has also emerged that Ndawayeza dubiously acquired Malawian passport.

Reports are also indicating that Ndawayezi, who is aged 42, also acquired Malawian Passport dubiously. But Dandaula refused to comment on the passport matter.

Other sources are also indicating that Ndawayeza once served in the Rwandan military, a situation that is also threatening national security.


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