Exclusive: North Launches Tribal War Against Mutharika

Kamlepo: Leading The Northern Region Grouping

In what can be described as a replica of the situation that prevailed in Malawi in 2011 before the sudden demise of late President Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika, the situation is once again repeating itself, Malawi Voice has established.

Recent developments in the country have clearly shown that there is a carefully orchestrated move in which some section of the opposition is against the leadership of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, not because he is failing in his responsibilities but rather because he is a Lhomwe by tribe, we can confidentially reveal.

Those crafting the early Mutharika ouster have been mainly from one part of the country, the North with the dominant tribes of that region taking centre stage in the plot.

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Another Member Of The Grouping

Leading the onslaught on President Mutharika and his administration include; Speaker of Parliament and Karonga Parliamentarian Richard Msowoya, another Karonga Parliamentarian Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo, Rumphi Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua, Mzimba Parliamentarian Harry Mkandawire, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church, civil rights activists Charles Kajoloweka, Moses Mkandawire and lawyer Wesley Mwafulirwa.

Our investigations have established that the group which is well financed by some business gurus and politicians from the region aims at removing President Arthur Peter Mutharika before the end of his term of office in 2019 because they feel they can’t face him and win at the polls.

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka is reported to have been exerting pressure on his fellow Catholic Bishops so that they can launch a movement that would result in an early Mutharika ouster.

“Everyday meetings are being held in Lilongwe where people are meeting strategizing on steps to be taken to remove the government. We meet at various residences in the capital including the Speaker’s residence, Mwenefumbo’s residence and at the abode of Kamlepo Kalua in Lilongwe,” said a source close to the plot.

Harry Mkandawire: Also In The Group

He disclosed that the target is to remove President Mutharika before the end of the year 2017 because the group cannot stand a Lhomwe President for another fresh 5 year term of office.

“They conclusion is that come 2019, Mutharika is certainly going to win the elections hands down and this is something the people especially those from the north don’t want. They say they are tired of being ruled by someone from the South especially a Lhomwe,” our contact revealed.

The revelations for a plot to remove President Mutharika as a Lhomwe have not gone down well with many members of the Malawian public including the civil society and the academia.

Malawi Watch Executive Director Billy Banda said that it’s most unfortunate that some sections of the society want to take the law into their own hands and not respect a lawfully constituted government.

Mwenifumbo(Right): Also Fighting Mutharika

“We are supposed to stay as one nation and respect our own Constitution,” said Banda.

Similar sentiments have been shared by some members of the academia including Andrew Kaponya, a development commentator with the University of Malawi’s Polytechnic.

“To describe a leader and remove them from office because of the tribe they belong to is retrogressive to say the least surely not in this day and edge more especially coming 52 years after of our independence. I hope that their efforts will not come into fruition,” said Kaponya.

Recently, the country has witnessed a number of developments that have revealed that some people from a specific region have a clearly laid down plan to frustrate the government of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Moses Mkandawire: Spearheading The NGO’s Grouping In A War Against Mutharika

About a year ago, some opposition Members of Parliament including Kamlepo Kalua, Enoch Chihana, Harry Mkandawire all from the northern region teamed up with their MCP counterpart Peter Chakwantha from the central region and embarked on a judge shopping exercise and obtained an injunction from the Mzuzu High Court at night restraining the swearing-in of another of Mutharika’s appointees, the Clerk of Parliament Fiona Kalemba from taking office. This was later challenged and the injunction was eventually removed.

Just last week, some northern region based civil society organizations also went to court and got an injunction to have Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda removed from his cabinet portfolio. Just like President Mutharika, Chaponda is also a Lhomwe by tribe.

Bishop Mtumbuka: A Surprise Package In The Campaign

The two questionable injunctions were obtained under mysterious circumstances from the northern region’s Mzuzu High Court although courts are spread throughout Malawi including Lilongwe, Blantyre and Zomba.

Coincidentally, the Judges that also granted these injunctions were both from the northern region.

In December, 2016 some opposition Members of Parliament led by Kamlepo Kalua also formed a Northern Region Pressure Group to fight the administration of President Arthur Peter Mutharika.

In 2011, some people from the northern region also teamed up with former Vice President Joyce Banda and caused mayhem in the country because they hated then President Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika who was also a Lhomwe by tribe. He later died mysteriously at his official residence in April, 2012 a development that resulted in Joyce Banda taking over the country’s leadership according to the Malawi Constitution.


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