Ex-Zanzibar University Students Inspire Mangochi Muslim Youth: Donate to District Hospital

Apparently irked by the statistics that always pin Mangochi to high illiterate levels, former students of the Tanzania based Zanzibar University on Saturday took their time to inspire Mangochi Muslim secondary school students.

Trading under the banner, Zanzibar University Muslim Graduate Association (ZUMGA), the youthful scholars felt it was the high time young people in Mangochi rejected the mostly held perception that people from the district do not care about education.

“It’s the high time we dispel the perception that Muslims in this country, Mangochi in particular, do not care about education. We are set to used ourselves as examples of young people that rejected that myth, went into the university corridors and come out to participate in both the development of this country and our religion,” said the ZUMGA vice chairperson, Mariam Wadi, at a function that took place at the Mangochi Town Hall.

She added: “Choices that secondary school students make are very crucial that was why we felt the urgency of talking to them before it was too late.”

Joining the young intellectuals, Sheik Hassan Nsawanga said ZUMGA has embarked on a trail that must be encouraged.

“This has been an eye opener. And I can only appeal to these young people to sustain this project and take it beyond Mangochi,” said Sheik Nsawanga.

One of the participants, Hasheem Fidhwah, a form three student from Mpondasi Secondary School described the event as encouraging.

“It was encouraging to hear fellow young people talking about how they made it and suggesting method on how we can make it ourselves. As they rightly put it, it is not an easy road, but with determination, we can achieve anything,” he said.

The team, which comprised of lawyers, marketers, medical doctors, bankers, economists and accountants among others also held what they called ‘legal clinic’ where they discussed the newly introduced ‘Wills and Inheritance Act’.
Before the career talk, ZUMGA donated assorted food items to Mangochi District Hospital’s Children Ward.

Chief Nursing Officer at the hospital Myness Menyele said the donation had come at a time when hunger was hitting hard at most households around the hospital, a thing she said was also negatively affecting health service delivery.

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