Enter Zikhale The Strategist: Butchering MCP In Style

Destroying MCP in style
The chaotic situation in the MCP is made even more chaotic by Chakwera’s strategist who specializes in leaking documents,  creating fake minutes of meetings that don’t exist as well as fake Whatsapp conversations in order to embroil Msowoya in deeper trouble. 

Chakwera roped in Ken Zikhale Ng’oma to the chagrin of everyone when he gave him the position of a strategist. This position does not exist in the party’s constitution. Needless to say, it is only a convention that gives people positions. 

Be that as it may, it emerged that Zikhale’s strategy has been to destroy MCP, apparently without him knowing it.  

Amid the crisis, Zikhale has crafted two documents within the past four days. The documents have only been successful in driving the wedge deeper and deeper in MCP and leave its followers more and more confused and lost. 

Both documents malign Msowoya and his camp, while casting a hallo of holiness on Chakwera and his side. 

The first document to circulate claimed that Msowoya and his camp organized a meeting in Lilongwe where they agreed to form a party, the National Congress Party, with the aim to fight to change MCP. 

The document was basically intended to smear Msowoya and others and galvanize the sentiment that they should be fired from the party. 

Interestingly, in his short memory Zikhale forgot that National Congress Party already exists at the Registrar of Political Parties. It was registered by Heatherwick Ntaba some years back. It did not take a genius to decipher that the minutes were fake.

It simply did not convince anyone how Msowoya and Kaliwo would be fighting for democratic leadership and constitutionalism to fix MCP, and at the same time, that the same people should be seeking to form another political party. The political logic went missing.

Noting the failure of the first document, Zikhale has crafted alleged minutes of meeting of the Livingstonia Synod which went viral today. Chakwera must have approved the document.

The document is also a smear campaign by Zikhale to portray the image that the synod and the North in general have rejected Msowoya, and therefore propping up the sentiment that he needs to be fired from the party.

The strategy was to make people believe that Msowoya has disappointed the Synod, which wants to work with Chakwera. Reading in-between the lines and listening in-between the words, Chakwera and his strategist want Malawias to think that Msowoya has been rejected the North. 

One can see that Chakwera roped in Zikhale who is only antagonizing the conflict instead of strategizing to resolve it and let the party get organized for next elections.

33 Responses to "Enter Zikhale The Strategist: Butchering MCP In Style"

  1. Novida   January 17, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Funso. Kodi opakula ndi opakulilidwa wamphamvu ndani? Tsono Boma la DPP likadzawina mudzamvatu kuti abera. Ena ayamba kulira kale

  2. Gerald Zungu   January 17, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    After realising that Zikhale Ng’oma is a stubborn and in compromisable, Bingu kicked him out of Chief of staff of State residences. Zikhale went viral fabricating false news to the media to the effect of creating animosity on the part of our former first lady, madam Ethel Mutharika and himself. Zikhale couldn’t really tell us the truth. Eventually though, he didn’t benefit anything other than hibernating from political lime light. With skepticism, Zikhale cannot change things for MCP in the north. He was in the fore front together with Bingu revamping the infamous quota system of selecting students to public universities which whacked the northerners mostly. Therefore Zikhale cannot be taken seriously.


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