DPP’s Ben Phiri Leads Thyolo Central Constituents In Youth Service Week

Noble gesture: Phiri (in caps) helps in re-roofing a granny’s house

Residents in Thyolo Central constituency are currently partaking in Youth service week in which virtues of love and sharing have taken centre stage. The service week will be carried from August 21-29 in all corners of the constituency.

The initiative, which has been conceptualized by aspiring Parliamentarian for the area Dr Ben Malunga Phiri,  aims at carrying out various community and charity works on behalf of those who have no strength and capacity to do so on their own.

Though most of the participants are youths, other constituents of advanced ages have joined enmasse to render a helping hand to this valuable cause.

Some of the works being undertaken during the Youth Service week include thatching houses, kitchens and toilets for the elderly and underprivileged, paving roads and clearing bushes around their premises among others.


Humility: Phiri joins the communal luncheon

Furthermore, the initiative involves donating assorted items to the special groups so as to alleviate their problems while improving their livelihoods in many aspects.

In his remarks while he participated in the works on the first day Dr Phiri said he came up with this idea to consolidate the spirit of Ubuntu  among communities.

“I mobilised fellow youth in the constituency to go and render a helping hand to those that are disadvantaged. We have  dubbed it Youth Service week. So this whole week we are going village after village and assist in best way we can,” said Dr Phiri.

Some villagers interviewed randomly have expressed gratitude to Dr Phiri for setting the trend as this is the first time such an initiative is taking place in constituency.

“We have seen politicians come and go but what Dr Ben Phiri has done is the first act of its kind. He

has made us realize that poverty is simply lack of togetherness. With joint effort we can achieve sustainable growth and better livelihoods for all,” said Smith Chitanda from Khave Village.

He was quick to point out that such remarkable gestures by Dr Phiri is what made people in the constituency to ask for his services to represent them in Parliament next year.

During recess, Dr Phiri has been joining the villagers in partaking communal meals and beverages to further cement the need of togetherness among people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

The service week was drawn from government’s corporate virtues of Patriotism, Hardwork and Integrity which President Arthur Peter Mutharika introduced in 2014 as pillars of developnent in the country.

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