DPP Sets Central Region Alight As Uladi Mussa Gets To Work

The engines of the mighty DPP in the central region have gained new momentum. The games are getting more serious there as vice president for the region Uladi Mussa gets to work.

Until now, regional governor Bintony Kutsaira has stirred up things. He has sent the oppositon MCP scurrying back to its office to revisit their strategy books as he energized the party structures and DPP members to rally behind their party as it pursues Malawi’s development.

The clouds of the smoke of the party’s activities in the region can be seen from far and wide. So far so good!

Now the temperature is set to get even hotter under the opposition’s collar in the region as the new DPP vice president for the region Uladi Mussa gets going.

Mussa, a well known rouser, brings more energy to Kutsaira’s machine work as he starts his rallies since his election as DPP vice president in July 2018.

According to schedule released by his office, the rallies begin this Saturday and Sunday in Salima and then Dedza and Lilongwe the following weekend.

And there is already a lot to build on. This DPP administration has delivered development in the region as much as it has delivered countryside.

The Blue Submarine is in motion. Tragedy to those who stay on the rails.

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