DPP Invades Bangwe For A Development Mega Rally: Veep Nankhumwa Makes Maiden Show

Man of the people: Nankhumwa with his fans in a previous rally

Democratic Progressive Party Vice President (South) Kondwani Nankhumwa will on Sunday August 26 storm populous Bangwe Township in a mega rally at the famous Desert Ground.

Official communication from the party’s regional office in the South says the rally will commence at around noon.

The rally – probably the first huge rally in Bangwe since Nankhumwa was elected to the position two months ago- will give an interactive platform for people of Bangwe to appreciate first hand policies and programs that the DPP has outlined on top of what is already on the ground.

Random observation in the township indicates that people from across the length and breadth of the large locality are ready and anxious to descend on the rally venue in a clear endorsement for the ruling party and its leadership

Nankhumwa: Set to conquer

Bangwe residents are probably in a better know of DPP landmark projects as the township has now been opened up and connected to other neighboring townships thereby easing trade and human mobility.

Roads connecting Bangwe to Mpingwe, BCA and Chigumula have been constructed in the four years Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has been in office.

The township has also benefitted from the Affordable and Decent Housing Scheme where some of the poorest have had their houses renovated to habitable levels, ending years of leaking roofs and dilapidated walls and floors.

A number of such kind of rallies have been lined up by Hon Nankhumwa as the party consolidates its structures in the wake of other elements that tried to divide it months back.

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