DPP governor clarifies ‘Muslim-love-war’ remarks

Julius Pipe: I was misunderstood

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the Eastern Region Julius Pipe has denied that his rants about Muslims being a war loving people was meant to anger the Muslims community in Malawi.

Pipe has since blamed people for misinterpreting his remarks in Makanjira to suit their political interests through making people believe that what he said was meant to injure the Muslim Community in the country.

In the Sunday Times edition of 22nd April 2018, Pipe is reported to have cautioned the people in Makanjira and Namwera against voting for MCP because it will have a “Muslim from Lower Shire as its vice president”.

In the Sunday Times, Pipe is said to have referred to the civil and political unrest which is happening in some Middle East countries, in

telling the gathering that once Malawians vote for MCP, there will be war in Malawi because of the influence of Muslims who will be a vice president by then.

These remarks however have not gone down well with some Muslims and Chiefs in Mangochi who have asked the DPP governor to withdraw the remarks, which they say are deemed to have been made in bad faith.

But speaking in an interview on Sunday afternoon, Pipe, who sounded apologetic explains that what he said in Makanjira was in response to Sadik Mia’s remarks where he has been calling all the Muslims in Malawi to vote for him and the MCP for the country to experience development similar to what is happening is countries like Quater and Kuwait which are slowly becoming industrialized.

“There is a voice clip which is speculating with Mia announcing that he want to be the vice president after serving as an MP and a cabinet Minister. In the clip, Mia is calling all Muslims in Malawi to vote for his party so that he can bring development similar to that inArabic countries. This is what I was challenging the people,” he says.

Pipe added that, “All my life I have leaved in Mangochi together with Muslims. There is no way I can be careless like that in making such statements. I know some politicians want to take advantage of my statement in creating an enmity between me, my party and the Muslim people. But this cannot take Malawi forward,” he says.

Pipe therefore apologize to the Muslim community who might have been affected by the misinterpretation of the statement he made in Makanjira.

He advised people to avoid mixing religious matters with politics to avoid injuring innocent lives that are not taking part in active politics.



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  1. Anonymous   April 23, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    DDP has too much naive people with big mouth

  2. Anonymous   April 23, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    A Party with too many leaders suffering from mouth diarrhoea

  3. Zione   April 24, 2018 at 12:26 am

    TRue Moslems were banned in Angola find out why and Trump wants them out. Let us be frank there are other places in Mangochi that are no go zones for people of other religion.


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