DJs Ready For Dusk Party

DJ Africa: Set To Spin The Vibes

Some of the DJs expected to light up Dusk To Dawn in Ginnery Corner, Blantyre have promised to give their fans more than music as the joint hosts Tayaka Moto Party on Friday.

According to Thambo & E Entertainment Director Mathambo Lowole, the party has been organised to recognise the role DJs play in the music industry.
“The success of musicians is dependent on DJs, they bring the music closer to the fans either through radio, TV or the clubs. We could have brought DJs from other countries but our company is proud of what we have in Malawi. In fact most of the DJs locally are so talented and they have performed before international audiences on a number of occasions,” he said.

The DJs who are expected to perform at the party are VJ Ice (Lilongwe), DJ Nathan Tunes (Lilongwe) DJ Flame (Blantyre) DJ Joy Nathu (Blantyre) DJ Africa (Blantyre) and DJ Trigger (Blantyre).

In a press release, DJ Africa said the fans should expect more than just a show because music is about feelings.

Award winning Joy Nathu

“I will make them experience a whole different side of music. I will take them places with the music and make them feel synced with the music. It is not about what is new but it is about how you deliver the feeling to the people, you can hit them up with oldies mix with the new songs as long as you keep the feeling of those two worlds connect. I feel I will be able to connect with their minds, body and soul the music I play on Friday,” he said.
Award-winning DJ Joy Nathu said apart from music, it will be a perfect time for his fans to interact.
“They should expect more than a great time as it’s not just about music but the interaction and mixing with friends so as to have a good time. Since this if the first time to have six DJs at one place, it will be great for us to show what Malawian DJs are capable of doing as far as entertaining people is concerned,” he said.

Among others, Thambo & E Entertainment has organised a number of shows in Malawi which have attracted leading artists in the country. Some of the international artists who have performed in Malawi courtesy or Thambo & E Entertainment are DJ Cleo and Orga Family. (BY FINELY GAMA)

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