Define Irony… Irony is all that is called the ‘Mwanza Murders’.

Define Irony

The Vehicle That Killed The Four
Irony is when you kill your own Cabinet Ministers, Secretary General and Member of Parliament and bury them on 20 May.
Exactly eleven years later, an election is held on the same 20 May and you are forever kicked out of power for your atrocities.

Define irony
In this irony, three Cabinet Ministers and one Member of Parliament were killed on May 18, 1983, along the Thambani back-road that leads southwards from Mwanza central district area at about 20 km.
These were MCP’s own top figures and their names were; Dick T. Matenje (M.P, MCP Secretary General and Minister without Portfolio), Aaron E. Gadama (M.P and Regional Minister for the Centre), Twaibu Sangala (M.P and Minister of Health) and David Chiwanga (Chikhwawa East M.P).
Former President Bakili Muluzi described this irony as the ultimate reason why all Malawians of good sense will for eternity not return the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) regime to power.

What happens to a chicken that sucks own eggs?
It is kicked out of the home for good like what good Malawians did to MCP in 1994, kicking it out for good out government.

Define irony

May Their Souls Continue Resting In Peace
Irony is really what happened to the Mwanza Four deaths.
The Four criticized Banda over economic policy after the Malawi economy had started ailing. In addition, they spoke out their views on the deteriorating human rights record and attempted a glasnost reform from within the MCP party.
Today, what happens to MCP executives such as Gustav Kaliwo when they attempt a glasnost reform in the party? They are seen as confusionists, yet their aim it to quell confusion. Such is the MCP’s greatest irony.
The common irony of the deaths perpetrated by the MCP regime is that they are a result of some mysterious operation that is largely inscrutable.

Death details of the Mwanza Four, contained in John Lloyd Lwanda’s 1993 book, Kamuzu Banda of Malawi: A study in Promise, Power and Paralysis, the four were arrested on Zomba-Blantyre road and taken to the Eastern Region Police Headquarters in Zomba and spent a night at Mikuyu Prison.

They were transferred to Blantyre the following day where they were brought first to the MCP sub-head office at Chichiri in Blantyre and later to a special branch Centre in Limbe.

During the night, reports have it that they were hooded, handcuffed and driven to Mwanza- Thambani back-road which leads south from Mwanza district along the Mozambican border, where they were hammered and butchered to death.
Their bodies were put back in the car-a blue Peugeot which had brought them there. The car was tipped over an incline along the road facing into Mpandadzi River to create an impression of a car accident caused due to the nature of the landscape.

The Commission of Inquiry which Bakili Muluzi instituted led by Supreme Court Judge, Michael Mtegha, to investigate the circumstances that led to the alleged accident, gathered voluminous evidence and traced many witnesses that pointed to the triumvirate which consisted of John Tembo, Kamuzu Banda and Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamila, as having had a hand in the deaths.
More to that, details of the court case also alleged that the operation to eliminate the Four was led by the head of the Special Branch of Police, Macpherson Itimu and that the head of the killing squad was Aaron Mlaviwa and were assisted by a special duties squad of policemen, Leston Likaomba and Macdonald Kalemba.

At the very bottom line was Inspector General of Police, Macmillan Kamwana giving final orders.
Despite of these details, the deaths of the Four was another irony as the suspects were acquitted after a prolonged arrest and were depicted as not having a hand in the killing.
The baffling irony was that John Tembo’s roles were depicted as narrowly within the Reserve Bank Governor (this was his post at the time of the deaths-not a politician) and Mama Kadzamila within the roles of the Official Hostess, while Kamuzu was depicted as the eagle above Malawi politics.

This tells you have sophisticated the MCP has been in safely escaping a guilty image during enquires and court trials.
You may argue that Lazarus Chakwera is presiding over a changed democratic MCP, but if he resistant to calls for a good-willed convention that would sort out the mess in the party and where its young men have already started beating up its own members and councilors, just know the party is not done with ironies. .
Define irony

Irony is when the current MCP president confesses that Malawians are still nursing scars and psychological pains perpetrated by the MCP, yet there is bloody infighting in the party and is failing to bring peace among members.

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  1. Hellings Mvula   May 19, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    Za ziii

  2. Obester Gerald Zungu   May 19, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    And irony is when you name every project the govt undertakes, your names instead of other important names. Irony is also a president who refuses to marry and yet he leaves the estate in the hands of the concubine. And irony is when you get medical treatment abroad while poor people in your country die of running noses. But irony again means amassing 61,000,000,000 kwacha while the poor are reeling in abject poverty.

  3. Victor Nthutha Phiri   May 19, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Ndikupatseni zingati njaleyo? Yanditsangalasa

  4. Prince Msaya   May 19, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Chakwera should apologize to Malawians live on Zodiak radio and TV on all the atrocities and killings his Blood party MCP inflicted on our people else he remains in opposition his whole political career

  5. Gabriel Levison   May 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Eeeeeeeh koma pali ma irony apa kkkkkkk. Aliyense wayikapo yake irony.


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