CSOs Postpone Demos To September 21

Mtambo: We have shifted the demos

The HRDC has shifted the demo date to 21st Sept 2018.

This has been done in the interest of Peace, Unity and Cooperation.

Unlike the DPP, we do not believe in violence. We know that what they did in Blantyre by conniving with the Blantyre Civic office…. The City’s CEO, to grant them permission to conduct what they are calling the Blue day, was a deliberate measure to bring violence.

We will not allow them to propagate their strange and violent culture in Malawi.

We love each other, we love peace and we love cooperation. We say NO to violence.

So far we have delivered all the letters to all the city district authorities. 21st of Sept is Confirmed and we will not tolerate any enemy of progress to come in with their confusions again.

Let them have the 7th to themselves. The citizens will speak on the 21st of Sept.

God is with us and we shall never fear. We worship a powerful and awesome God.

We will stand for this country without fear or favour. We want a better Malawi for ALL.

Timothy Mtambo
HRDC National Chair

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