College of Medicine ‘Needy’ Student Caught Pants Down:Lied About His Situation…He Is Under Medic To Medic Top Scholarship

Kaphesi:Caught Pants Down
Kaphesi:Caught Pants Down

20-year-old Frank Kaphesi, a first year physiotherapy student at the College of Medicine (CoM) whose story was published on Wednesday that he risks withdrawal from the college over his failure to pay for school fees lied about his situation, according to the college’s officials.

Kaphesi has been moving around town with a letter of identification signed by the college’s Dean of Students, F. Lampiao, supporting him as a needy students who cannot afford paying school fees’

Kaphesi claimed that he risked being withdrawn from the college as he has not registered with the college and will not be allowed to sit for the mid-semester examinations slated for next week.

However, after well-wishers started expressing interest to bail him out, it has emerged that he is one of the 80 students who are benefiting from the Medic to Medic scholarship from the United Kingdom.

“He is under the Medic to Medic scholarship which is one of the best scholarship one can get at this institution, the scholarship caters for school fees, upkeep allowances, medical equipment, books and laptops and students are not withdrawn from the scholarship until they finish their studies,” Lampiao said.

He also conceded that it was his office through his secretary who issued the letter that Kaphesi has been using to ask for assistance. He, however, said he did not know the motive behind Kaphesi requesting to have the letter.

Limpiao said students who are on scholarships are not allowed to apply for the student’s loans provided by the Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board. However it has also been found that Kaphesi applied for the loan to be provided with both upkeep allowance and schools fees totaling to about K850,000.

When asked in the presence of the dean of students why he chose to lie to the nation in such a way, Kaphesi remained silent apart from confirming that he is under the medic to medic scholarship whose officials visited the college campus in September and provided him and the other students with money amounting to K70,000 each.

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