Chilima Snubs Movement, Not Contesting Against APM At DPP Convention

Chilima: Has snubbed the movement

Vice President Saulos Chilima on Wednesday gave the Chilima Movement a cold shoulder when he announced that he will not contest for the Presidency of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at the forthcoming convention.

For months a grouping calling themselves Chilima Movement within the DPP has been pushing for the Vice President to declare his candidacy claiming that the incumbent leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is not fit to run in 2019.

But in a swift twist of events on Wednesday at Capital Hill, Chilima refused to be led astray by few greedy individuals who wnat to use him as a pawn to achieve their personal agendas against President Mutharika.

“I want to openly declare that I will contest against President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika at the forthcoming convention. I wish all contestants all the best,” Chilima told a packed boardroom.

It is a shocker to Chilima Movement leaders who now have no influence whatsoever within the ruling party. If they are not fired then the best they can do is leave voluntarily for political oblivion.

The movement that is led by Callista Chimombo, Bon Kalindo, Paul Chibingu, Noel Masangwi and others is now isolated as they cannot hold any meetings in the name of DPP.

President Mutharika has all along insisted that this group ia disgruntled simply because he has refused to bow to their demands for government tenders without proper procedures.

For example Ben Chidyaonga went to Mutharika to ask for a quick tender so that he settles a K400 million bank loan. The bank in question is in the process of confiscating his property for failure to repay the loan.

It is not yet known what Chilima movement will do next.

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  1. Nambewe   June 7, 2018 at 12:17 am

    Please correct your entry! He said he will NOT contest in the coming convention! You need to correct this URGENTLY or people are being misinformed!


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