Chilima Begs For Second Chance After BBC HardTalk Flop As He Plans To Redeem Himself During Nigeria Trip

Chilima during the BBC interview

Vice President Saulos Chilima is set to redeem himself with a better approach when facing international media after an agonizingly embarrassing showdown with Zeinab Badawi of BBC HardTalk weeks ago.

Chilima is currently in Lagos attending the Africa – Israel Dialogue Conference. As an extension to his official duties, his team has arranged a number of interviews with several reputable media houses solely for the purpose of cleaning his act.

Top of his agenda is how to answer the question about him deciding to run against Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who he partnered in 2014 and why he hasn’t resigned from the same government he accuses of corruption.

“He messed up during BBC HardTalk because he did not want us to coach him. After the dismal performance it seems he has come to his senses and his Public Relations team are coaching him on how best to tackle the impending interviews,” said one inside source in the Veep’s office.

The Chilima camp are said to have taken the same BBC HardTalk questionnaire and given it to the other media houses as a framework so that what come may he should face the same questions and take them better.

Chilima has been in the spotlight for the past months for shifting his agenda time and again since he declared interest to contest for the Presidency in 2019.

Political analysts and observers have faulted him for lacking a clear agenda on why he left the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and why he wants to contest in 2019.

One day his agenda was centred on the age of President Mutharika before he changed it to corruption within the DPP. Now everything has changed again as his lieutenants say they left DPP because they were not given business opportunities.

It is this flip-flopping that made Chilima struggle when Zeinab Badawi asked him the very same questions during the HardTalk interview.

The interviews in Nigeria might break his neck again and smear his political career badly as to this day he has not made it clear on exactly what he wants to achieve.

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  1. Nambewe   October 30, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    what ever he says now we will know is that its made up! what he said then was the raw stuff! The genuine answer from his heart!


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