Chakwera’s Speech At The Staged MCP Convention

2018 National Convention
11th – 14th May, 2018

Opening Address by the President of MCP Hon. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, MP

We stand on verge of a new era. We stand on the verge of a new Malawi enjoyed by everyone. What we do this weekend must demonstrate that the Malawi Congress Party is the vehicle Malawians can trust to take us all to that desired destination.

Distinguished delegates,

The MCP exists to spearhead development, help consolidate democracy and ensure the dignity of all Malawians in our beloved country. The developmental agenda has suffered because the MCP has not had the privilege to lead it since 1994. My stint in Parliament has taught me how difficult it is to champion something those with the mandate to lead have no desire for.
In as much as predatory policies are there, the biggest problem we seem to face as a nation is to even implement the many good policies already in place. And when you add to this the cancer of corruption it becomes quickly evident why transformation continues to wait. MCP needs to be given the mandate in 2019.

Distinguished delegates,
We face challenges in consolidating democracy because a government of the people, by the people, for the people must have structures, systems and institutions that are functional at every level, especially, our political parties. We have carried out elections in all regions, districts and constituencies as our Constitution requires despite imperfections and accusations that it was a ploy to remove veteran stalwarts from their positions.

Our inclusive and open door policy in rebuilding and re-branding efforts in the Party have not always been understood. However, these efforts have helped make M.C.P. truly a national party with MPs and Councillors countrywide. Winning by-elections in the manner we have done is truly commendable. But there is more we must do. We must move away from personalised politics to institutionalised politics. This mighty Party belongs to the people no to the President, let alone any officer who feels only she or he can get things moving at their behest. People must make decisions. People must make rules. People must call the shots even if it means indicting the President. And in MCP this is the body that makes those decisions. Let democracy reign. Let elections be done to reflect the national nature of the Party. Let us be gender sensitive. Le no one be barred.

Distinguished delegates, this leads me to the third pillar of our reason for existence. Dignity for all. Respect for all; minorities especially. No tribalism, no regionalism, no factionalism, no divisions based on faith or one’s color. We must embrace one Malawi, one nation with one vision. This is the inclusive Malawi with opportunities for all in a state of constant and consistent development that we need for ourselves and the generations to come. Let our dignity as a nation be restored. Let the dignity of every Malawian be respected. Let a new Malawi enjoyed by everyone be born! We must cooperate with everyone/party who desires the best of this Malawi!
The position of President and all other positions in the National Executive Committee (NEC) will be filled by people of your choices, distinguished delegates.

With these remarks, I declare this M.C.P. National Convention opened.
God bless you. God bless Malawi. Thank you all.
Saturday, 12th May 2018

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