PR Stunt: Chakwera Forces Assemblies Of God SG To Issue Statement Against Malawi Voice

Reverend Lazarus Chakwera’s attempt to thrash revelations that he embezzled Assemblies of God finances has shocked the church’s leadership, sources have said.

Following Malawi Voice’s revelations that the former Man of God was panicking with revelations that he stole hundreds of millions worthy money from Assemblies of God Press when he was the very President of the Church, Chakwera forced the current leadership to issue a statement exonerating the MCP leader from the plunder.

Chakwera forced some members of the leadership barely a week after he attended and preached at Kanjedza Assemblies of God church. During the sermon, Chakwera also took into the church a Sheikh Muslim who took over Abusa’s seat.

And sources within the church have confided in Malawi Voice that the Assemblies of God leadership has expressed great shock at Chakwera’s public lie.

” The statement was actually written by some MCP PR boys and delivered to the church through Chakwera’s errand boy just for signing. We are actually shocked at the degree of lies being said in the statement. Unfortunately our secretary general is a puppet of Chakwera and he even reached a point of kneeling down before him whenever he sees his face,” said one of the leaders.

Chakwera: Using Assemblies of God for political interests
Court documents show that a Kasungu based man called Mr Zuwangeti who was General Manager of the AG Press was fired on allegations of embezzling millions of hundreds of money.

However, in the case Mr Zuwangeti successfully proved with a chain of emails that it was Chakwera the then President of the Church who was demanding and using the money.

The court told the Church to pay K100 million to Mr Zuwangeti for unfair dismissal, a move which angered the Church because they have to pay for the sins of Chakwera.

When these revelations went round on social media at the beginning of March, Reverend Chakwera approached Mr Zuwangeti and asked him to issue a statement of refutation but Mr Zuwangeti refused.

Chakwera is also battling against another corruption scandal in which he tried to change ownership of the Area 9 Church house into his name. He however hurriedly moved to his controversial K600 million mansion hoping to return the stolen house back to the Church before campaign begins.

Meanwhile, there is an active campaign within MCP to remove Chakwera from the presidency of the party after realising that the party is being led by a thief who is also a dictator.

Chakwera is also being accused of embezzling and diverting millions of party donations to his personal account, a matter that led to the divorce of Gustav Kaliwo the Secretary General who was demanding accountability.

Mia: Causing problems in MCP
The intensive underground campaign is gathering momentum to remove Chakwera and elect Richard Msowoya deputised by Alhaj Sidik Mia at the April Convention. It is not clear how the Chewa dominated MCP is to be led by a Northerner and an Asian Coloured Sadik Mia from the far South.

Critical social media commentators have argued that Malawi Congress Party does not have any moral ground to speak about corruption at the time they are being led by a corrupt president with a record of theft and torturing pastors when he was a church leader.

Many people who love Malawi Congress Party are worried that the removal of Chakwera will mean the party not having enough time to market a new candidate between now and elections. There are also fears that move will leave the already divided party even more divided as Chakwera’s supporters are also prepared to fight.

The London-based Economist Intelligence Unit lately predicted that Malawi Congress Party will lose elections for the fifth time because the party is divided and because it lacks leadership.

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  1. Anonymous   March 17, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    malawi voice is full of fools

  2. Anonymous   March 17, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Stupid propaganda

  3. Anonymous   March 17, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Mwagwa nayo akukanilani, ndiposo mupepese chifukwa chankhani ya bodza munalembayi.

  4. Anonymous   March 17, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Insufficient rains = Persistent blackouts.
    Sufficient rains = Persistent blackouts.
    (Escom) + (Egenco) + Sufficient rains = Persistent black outs.
    (Escom) + (Egenco) + Raised tarrifs + Sufficient rains = Persistent black outs.
    (Escom) + (Egenco) + Gen sets + Raised tarrifs + Sufficient rains = persistent black outs.
    The formula is getting longer and longer. What else should we add to make it “much longer” until we have no more blackouts?

  5. Donald Malanga   April 24, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    A country full of conmen leaders


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