Chakwera Thugs Under-Fire For Attacking MBC Journo, Vehicle

Journalist Kandani Ngwira Wrote:As media practioners in 21st century, we should condemn violence against journalists. Any form of violence is not welcome.

So whether the MBC crew was chased not beaten, that is violence. Whether the MCP youth only confiscated the drone, that too is violence. It is an act of impeding journalists to work smoothly. We should all together condemn violence.

MCP as a party that has serious ambitions of making the next government should lead by example. They should show us that things will be different under their regime. They should demonstrate tolerance towards opposing views/media as we are now in democracy. Here, it seems to me, they have failed.

Whether MBC does propaganda or not, they don’t deserve to be treated like that while on official duties. When Madam Teresa Ndanga is threatened by DPP cadets at state house press briefings, we all stand up to condemn. We should do the same now. Violence against anyone is not good.

The attack on MBC or any media house by any party cannot be condoned. It’s barbaric and should not be tolerated by any sane Malawian. Misa Malawi has to condemn this attack on the media.#freemediainmalawi

Since last night my inbox has been full justifying that any violence against MBC is proper as they are to blame themeselves for not being professional. I choose to disagree in strongest terms. You cannot justify chopping your spouse hands off because you found them cheating. Violence is not acceptable in any form.

The moment we justify violence in a political forms against people that oppose us we are creating anarchy of highest level. Today it’s MBC, last few years it was ZBS. Tomorrow it will be Times and end result it will be no more media freedom.
I stand by this position and no amount of intimidation will change my perspective. Even. If this was on Times I would still protest

‎JM Adzonzi‎ Wrote:

How about the attack of MBC or media houses on individuals? Should individuals remain silent? I dont think that this is not a fight between an egg and a chicken. Not trying to justify the attack on MBC but zisamakomere mbali immodzi. Let us all avoid stepping on each others feet in the name of freedom of expression. When human beings feel threatened, they attack back. A free and fair playing field is right to all citizens of our Mother Malawi.

23 Responses to "Chakwera Thugs Under-Fire For Attacking MBC Journo, Vehicle"

  1. Noel Chipez Matapila   January 29, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Koma inuso nde ndinu azoba a chitsiru eni eni. Mesa MBC inapita mwakuba azawo ose analowa bhobho inu chinavuta ndichani kuti mupite mobera? Agalu inu amalawi voice muzikhala ndimanyazi

  2. Cha Nkha Uta Maseko   January 29, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Kkkkkkkkk MBUZI za anthu MBC ,mmakataniko ? msonkhano unari wa DPP ngati mzikhara ndi marire agaru inu


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