Chakwera Tells Msowoya To Stop Being Jealous Of Mia…”Anger Eats Your Body, Anger Will Leave Your Body Devastated”

Chakwera, Mia, Msowoya captured at the Nkhota-kota Rally

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has told some party members to stop being jealous of people who are joining the party.

This was an apparent reference to the party’s vice president Richard Msowoya who has been trying to block Sidik Mia who openly declared to take over from Msowoya as Chakwera’s runningmate in 2019, a development which did not go down well with Msowoya.

Speaking during a political rally at Nkhotakota Old Airdrome yesterday, Chakwera said instead of being angry, such members should concentrate on working for both the party’s and country’s unity and development.

He used the Biblical parable of a prodigal son who was welcomed by the father even after moving out of the home disgracefully.

While emphasising on the need for the father  to unite the family, Chakwera said some people moved out of the MCP due to different reasons and there is no need for some members to be unhappy with their ‘homecoming.’

“Anger eats your body, anger will leave your body devastated, it will leave you in pain,” Chakwera said. He said the party is welcoming everyone who is against nepotism, regionalism and will be happy to see Malawi move out of poverty.

MCP vice president Richard Msowoya and the new MCP member Sidik Mia attended the rally and were given the platform to address the crowd. Mia described Msowoya as his friend.

“People are saying I am talking bad about Richard Msowoya but Richard Msowoya is my friend. He is the Speaker of the National Assembly but to me he is a friend. If we are to battle then we will be battling in our family,” Mia said amidst laughter from party members.

Msowoya welcomed Mia and others joining the MCP but did not directly comment on his relationship with Mia. Msowoya then told the gathering not to vote for the people who are currently stealing from them during the 2019 elections.

19 Responses to "Chakwera Tells Msowoya To Stop Being Jealous Of Mia…”Anger Eats Your Body, Anger Will Leave Your Body Devastated”"

  1. Gerald Zungu   July 30, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Had it not been the issue of nepotism, regionalism, tribalism, occultism, started by the MCP in 1964, this couldn’t have been perpetrated by this new generation of politicians. The blame still goes back to MCP. Or am I lying? Did I hear you saying Chakwera has told RM point blank that he should not be jealousy of Mia? My foot! Don’t lie to us. Chakwera sanganene zimenezozo pamsonkhano.

  2. Freddie Mbiringano   July 31, 2017 at 1:38 am

    Pomayakhulapo muziona ndiboza lake bwanji manyazi osangovala condom ku chikamwako bwanji

  3. Mnzwanya   July 31, 2017 at 5:20 am

    A Malawi voice , eish chiletso!! Are you really serious? Mumudziwe Yesu

  4. Mbonga Matoga   July 31, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Reading by the attendance of the Nkhotakota rally by Msowoya and Mia together and the multitude of people that were, there I can now declare that MCP is unstoppable force to be reckoned with come 2019, dismiss this party at your own peril, mark my words.

    And by the way, the arrest warrant issued by the DPP police today, has not done any favours for the DPP politburo, because all PP supporters will now be flocking to MCP in their droves….

    There is no way any sensible PP supported would join DPP, the very same political party that has just authorized the arrest of their reader, no chance….a very big miscalculation from APM.

    APM is shielding the 7 corrupt ministers in his cabinet and why he thinks that by arresting Amayi he will show Malawians that he is tough on corruption is just beyond me………….does this senile old man have any sensible advisers?


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