Chakwera Promises Torture And Bloodshed As He Vows To Restore Kamuzu Legacy

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera says he will restore Kamuzu legacy of:

-Dispossession of property!
-The terror machine of Youth League modelled on Nazi Red Shirts!
-Detentions without trial!
-Hounding Jehovah’s Witnesses to exile!
-Dissolving critics in acid drums!
-Hammering people to death like the Mwanza Four!
-Torching village like it did with Moto Village in Mangochi!
-Accidentalising people!
-Feeding some to crocodiles!
-Letter bombing critics!
-Denying Northern region development!
-Chasing away all teachers from the North from other regions of the country!
– Forcing pregnant women to buy party card for the unborn child
– Forcing the poor to give chickens, eggs, goats and cows to the president

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