Chakwera Angers Followers, Accuse Him Of Sleeping On Duty

Chakwera: Sleeping on duty

[13:25, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 884 24 62 45‬: i suggest that a good strategy to counter Chilima is to make sure that all rallies by our President, VP, Second VP are broadcast live on Times and/or ZBS and doing repeats in the evening. Izi zikhoza kuwapatsa Chikoka anthu makamaka akumidzi. Zodandaulitsa nzakuti zochitika zambiri tikumazimvera mma social media. Komanso ma MP and Councillors aziyesetsa kuti misonkhano yao izipangidwa cover ndi ma community radio
[13:37, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 03 84 75‬: MCP tikugona kwambiri misonkhano pa district sitikupanga pa area ai pa region ai ndiye mukuti to wina bwanji misonkhano ku southern region kungosiyila Mia basi kuti adzipanga misonkhano yekha basi where are the other people
[13:38, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 03 84 75‬: Guys we need to come out and bring ideas let the guys who are running the party be fed with good and brilliant ideas
[13:43, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 27 51 12‬: ,,,,in fact if we are not careful chilima will disturb our well established structures even in remote areas,,, ,our president should wake up from his political slumber ,,,,,take it from me he is not doing enough on the ground ,,,
[13:46, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 03 84 75‬: Ndizoona abwana apapa olo a president ali mtulo
[13:47, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 881 20 55 37‬: Aaaaaah heavy boss, l totally agree with you .kaya alikuti Mia ndamene akuthamanga heavy2 apa …kapena azitaya? Atiuze ….let’s push guys
[13:49, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 27 51 12‬: ,,🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂ ,,you will see how DPP will react kwa zimene wanena chilima izi,,,,koma ife kukhala kuti kuli ziiii,,,,,of course friend anandiuza kuti pa tiuzeni zoona wa lero anali ndi secretary general wa DPP I’m sure wayankhapo izi
[15:27, 22/07/2018] ‪+27 63 358 8893‬: It seems like we are now obsessed with this chilima thing,forgetting that our biggest Challenger is bwampini and DPP ,even this frustrated people called movement they are hear to destroy DPP not any other opposition party. Let’s deal with DPP first then this mwanapiye.
[16:08, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 999 27 51 12‬: Serious,? It is never too late,,,, mark my words not long from now you will remember my words,,,,I personally believe in fast reaction to situations more especially in politics,,,,whether we be little the chilima movement or not but it is gradually biting,,,,,
[16:13, 22/07/2018] ‪+265 881 53 60 72‬: Surely.

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  1. €DzukaniAmalawi   July 24, 2018 at 11:10 am

    The biggest mistake any real fighter can ever make is to belittle or underestimate his or her enemy.


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