Malawi At The Cross-Roads- Part 7

In  Malawi at the Cross-Roads- Part 1, published in Malawi Voice, on July 30 2013, I refuted the idea that homosexuality is to do with genetics. I was reacting to N.R. Allen Jr’s article, What ‘causes’ Homosexuality? He published this article in the Sunday Times on January 17, 2010. Allen like other homosexual activists claimed […]

Are We Not Misdirecting Resources?

Malawi as a country has so many issues on its table awaiting execution for it to be fully called a state. Some of its “cities” do not even fully qualify to be called cities. They lack even the very basic things for them to qualify for the state of being declared cities. The country at […]

Dilemma Of Death vs Wealth: Bingu, Ariel Sharon, Nelson Mandela

Promise is a credit. As an extension to my earlier post *From Womb To Tomb *published by *Malawi Voice, I promised this article ‘Dilemma Of Death’ about *two months ago*.* Right down the epicenter of my solitude, I with sombre spirit say this is one of my passionate essays. I should begin by saying on December 31, 2013 closing […]

JB Snatches Bingus Projects Claiming Her Own

President Joyce Banda on Saturday shocked the country when she claimed her party led government projects have transformed livelihood of many poor malawians but infact they were Bingu’s projects. The president was speaking at Mulanje CCAP Mission in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Chikumbu when she addressed a development rally and distributed maize to hunger […]

My Story On Bingu

My story about my Hero that is Bingu: It was on that fateful Thursday, I was in my office working and rumours started doing the rounds that you have been hospitalized. Surprisingly, I sensed a celebratory mood in some people with this sad news. I hoped the story should turn out to be untrue! On […]

Malawi At The Cross-Roads-Part 6

Proponents of homosexuality bring in many reasons to justify their actions while we are at the cross-roads, but they know that their reasons are not legitimate. The other argument behind this evil idea is the protection of minority rights and this is closely related with their argument highlighted in part two of this article. I […]

Gwengwe Fast Graduating Into a Political Disgrace Now

I may not be PP, but as a youth passionate for my country I celebrated Gwengwe’s rise as PP’s running mate two months ago. In Gwengwe, I envisaged a well-mannered and principled young man who would transmogrify Malawi politics. But, the young man is fast graduating into a political disgrace now. His political discourse on […]

A Callow Baby Who Has Brilliant Notes-Malawi Needs Good Interpreters-Part II

His name is Atupele, 35, Son to Bakili, the former President of Malawi. Ask not how, of all the learned and experienced people, did the father become the president? The fact is just there underlined for all generations to read; the first democratic president of Malawi. The argument that presidency is not chieftaincy or that […]

Has Cash Gate Cost Malawi’s Budgetary Support Aid ? As Donors Indicate A Possibility Of Ceasing Budgetary Support Indefinetly

The warm heart of Africa  might t  as well forget about budget aid for now and in future as the country’s traditional donors have hinted at the possibility of permanent stop page of financial support through government systems due to lack of trust in the country’s financial management systems. Meanwhile, Minister of Finance, Maxwell Mkwezalamba, has […]

In Praise of Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Just looking at the title of my article, some people would reprobate me to the highest degree. Some Malawians would even say I have been paid some money by comrade Gabriel Mugabe President of Zimbabwe to write this article. It is a norm to praise a person when he has passed on. It is against […]

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