Meet India’s Polygamous man with 39 wives and 127 children

This man has been courted by every politician in the run up to the next round of elections in India – because he has 39 wives and 127 children. Polygamist and sect leader Zionnghaka Chana has become the voter every politician in Mizoram state wants to know because of his influence over his 39 wives […]

All eyes on $1 trillion African agribusiness is set for a huge leap, according to a World Bank report

Imagine for a moment the impact of a $1 trillion African agribusiness sector on the lives of Africans. Currently worth about $313 billion, the sector already provides jobs for 70% of the poorest people on the continent. An increase greater than threefold will bring jobs to lift millions out of poverty; most stomachs will be […]

Afghan Girl Married At Six To Cover Her Father’s Debt

Her big brown eyes, framed by long soft lashes, are wide open as she takes in the unfamiliar surroundings. She’s never stepped foot into a place like this, with books, computers, classrooms and musical instruments. In fact Naghma has never been to school, let alone one that looked like this. The seven-year old dressed in […]

Woman, 24, Suffers From 50 Orgasms A DAY Due To Rare Condition That Leaves Her Constantly Aroused

A 24-year-old woman has up to 50 orgasms a day due to a rare medical condition which leaves her constantly aroused. Amanda Gryce, who suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, says the condition has almost ruined her life. Her uncontrolled orgasms can be triggered by anything from riding in a car to a loud bass. […]

Zuriel Meets Sprint Queen Blessing Okagbare For Documentary

In line with her dual program and vision of making the case for Girls Education in Africa, and then also Re-Branding Africa by showing and celebrating the positives on the continent, Zuriel has begun to shoot segments of her next documentary project – “The New Nigeria” An award winning documentary film maker, Africa she believes […]

FIFA Imposes Transfer Ban on Barcelona, Get £305,000 Fine

Spanish champions Barcelona have been given a 14-month transfer ban by Fifa for breaking rules on signing international players under 18. The Catalan club cannot buy or sell players until the summer of 2015 after the world governing body imposed a transfer ban for the next two windows. They have also been fined 450,000 Swiss […]

ANC worse than Apartheid; Zuma must rot in jail – Julius Malema

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has chastised South Africa’s ruling government, the African National Congress (ANC) stating they are worse than Apartheid that deprived blacks of their rights. Malema, who was once a leading member of the ANC, alleged that the party, lead by President Jacob Zuma has failed South Africans, […]

Malaysian Plane Still Missing Despite Hundreds Of Satellite Images By Leading Nations

The search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been moved following a “new credible lead”, Australian officials said on Friday. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa) said the search would now focus 1,100km further north-east in the southern Indian Ocean. It said the new information was based on analysis of radar data of […]

Malaysian Missing Plane Crushed In south Indian Ocean No Survivors – Malaysia PM

Malaysia’s prime minister has announced that missing flight MH370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Najib Razak said this was the conclusion of fresh analysis of satellite data tracking the flight. Malaysia Airlines had told the families of the 239 people on board, he said. Earlier the BBC saw a text message sent to families […]

Kenya Passes Polygamy Law: Men Free To Marry As They Please

The place of a woman in the family was weakened on Thursday when the Kenyan Parliament passed a law opening the floodgates of polygamy. Men will be free to marry as many women as they please, and they will not have to consult their wives before doing it. In amendments that appeared more designed to […]

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