The Marverous Deeds Set To Launch “Sanathane Nane” Cd Albulm In Lilongwe

Soon after  their spectacular performance at the Sheffer ICA marque in Lilongwe when they were witnessing Lloyd Phiri CD album launch, the Gospel  Music Champions, the Marvelous Deeds  is scheduled to launch their long awaited “Sanathane Nane”CD album, on 7 July at Sheffer ICA Marque. Speaking in an interview one member of the Marvelous Deeds […]

Mk40 Million for 2012 Mulhako wa Alhomwe Fiesta: To Hold Vigil For Bingu, Gawa Undi To Attend

A cool Mk40 million has been set aside for this year’s Mulhako wa Alhomwe cultural festival slated for October 28 at Chonde in Mulanje. According to Mulhako wa Alhomwe Secretariat Admnistrator Mutchana Nkhwaye, the Mk 40 million is slightly higher compared to Mk30 million which was used in the similar functions last year. Nkhwaye said […]

Yao Chiefs Respond To JB’s Yao Cultural Heritage Centre Formation Calls

Some Yao chiefs in the country have swiftly responded to President Joyce Banda’s calls for the formation of an institute for the preservation ofYao culture and traditions in the country. During the commemorations of Ngonis’ 2012 Umthetho Cultural Festival atHoraMountainin Mzimba on Sunday, President Banda pleaded with Malawians of Yao descent to consider setting up […]

The Unsung Song Of Mantchewe Falls: Unlocking The Myth of Sacrificing Twins

Life is not all about politics. There is more to life. These days everyone is talking about Joyce Banda, devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha, the coup plot by the six former cabinet ministers, the many commissions of inquiry set up and the lovers who ‘air-locked’ at Gemin House in Lilongwe. Looking at the trend of […]

Lion To Be Introduced To Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve

In August, Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve will become the proud recipient of four lions from South Africa, completing the return of the “Big Five” to this iconic reserve situated in Malawi’s lower Shire River valley. The reintroduction of lions marks a significant milestone in the rehabilitation of the 70 000 hectare Majete reserve. Historically lions […]

Journalists Urged To Promote Tourism

In an effort to promote and aid tourism industry, journalists have been called upon to write more stories on tourist attraction centers present in the country if Malawi is to be put on the map. The call was made on Saturday, May 6, by the Kasungu National Park Division Manager Mr. Alphius Lipiya. Speaking to […]

An Open Letter To My Countrymen On The Sleeping Giant That Is Malawi.

Dear countrymen, It is so clear that the world is going through tough times economically, politically and spiritually and our nation has not been spared. There are a lot of things that I could have written to you but I found it important to write something that am conversant with and I can backup my […]

Malawi joins the International Council of Tourism Partners

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced today that the southern African country of Malawi has become a destination member. This makes the 6th country from Africa to join ICTP since its recent inception. Chairman of ICTP, Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, said: “Malawi is a gem of Africa. The people of Malawi are known for […]

Malawi Tourism Rediscovered

Malawi tourism as an industry has been ignored for a long time and Malawi as a country is considered one of Africa’s unexploited destinations. An average tourist in Malawi today, would have to buy a map, rent a car and find their way around the country. A good number of tourists arrive in Malawi to […]

Mulanje Mountain “Island In The Sky”

Mulanje mountain is one of the very remarkable natural resources in Malawi. Apart from its famous and imposing Sapitwa Peak that stands over 3000 metres above sea level, the attractive Mt. Mulanje Mountain covers 245 square miles and is more than just  a rock. It has a very rich and stunning forest reserve which is […]

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