Cat Finally Out Of Bag! Chakwera, Joyce Banda Agree On MCP/PP Coalition In 2019

Chakwera In PP Branded Umbrellas

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, has finally given a strong hint to Malawians of his working relationship with Joyce Banda; both are trying to pull their parties into a working coalition at the 2019 polls.

During Chakwera’s visit to Mlowe, Rumphi on Wednesday where he condoled families of victims of the boat accident, the leader of opposition was seen happily falling under the charm of PP members who now seem to give him more respect knowing that he will represent both parties in 2019.

Peoples Party branded umbrellas were flung open for him and songs to his praise characterized his visit. Women dancers from parties sang in agreement to Chakwera’s candidacy.

The bone of contention however lies in the fact that JB seems reluctant to give the deal a go ahead. She is not happy that MCP wants to field Sidik Mia as running mate.

JB wants her son Roy Kachale to pair with Chakwera on top of an agreement that the two parties will share cabinet and diplomatic posts 50/50. If the power-sharing agreement and running mate issues fail then there is no deal at all.

On the other hand, Chakwera now has three candidates for running mate. His choice will determine his rise or fall from grace anytime. Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya will not allow to be pushed aside just anyhow when he has brought in some balance and membership from the Northern Region.

So too with Sidik Mia.

The Lower Shire kingpin is set to bankroll Chakwera’s campaign with millions only if he is picked as running mate, failing which he will support other parties.

Weeks ago both MCP and PP panicked after it was established that their leaders have been holding meetings in Singapore and United States to discuss the issue of coalition. Despite efforts to deny the rumours, it is now more than certain that the two parties will finally have a marriage of convenience in their tall order to unseat the DPP government. (By Felix Gunsalu)

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  1. Henry Nkoyola   April 21, 2017 at 5:11 am

    Pitilizani kunyozako koma dziwani kuti padziko pano palibe cha muyaya ai.2019 simudzalembaso zimenezi ai mudzikathilira maluwa ku Ndata!


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