Bushiri Breaks World Record: Beats Jesus’s 40days Of Fasting & Prayer By 50 More Days

Jesus Christ Fasted For 40days
Jesus Christ Fasted For 40days

In what can be described as a world record, Malawi’s self acclaimed ‘Man of God’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has broken a 40 day fasting record set by Jesus Christ thousands of years ago.

The self anointed ‘Man of God’ Bushiri has informed the world that he has finished fasting and praying for 90 days. Bushiri’s new world record is 50 days more than the record set by the genuine son of God, Jesus Christ thousands of years ago.

Announcing the new world record on his Facebook Page on Friday 30th September, 2016, Bushiri said he had just finished the 90 days fasting and praying in the historical religious country of Israel.

bushiri-90-days-2He said unlike Jesus who survived 40 days without any major healthy lapse, Bushiri on 5 occasions collapsed due to hunger but continued with his fasting and completed the 90 days.

Bushiri’s fasting has also beaten that of Muslims which is done once a year. Muslims fast annually for 30 days and after breaking the fast others who so wish may continue to fast for another 6 days then another 10 days totalling to 46 days. Those additional 16 days are optional.

The record broken by the self styled ‘Man of God’ Shepherd Bushiri comes at a time when the whole world is waiting in anticipation for the second coming of Jesus Christ through the same ‘anointed’ man.

A few months ago, Bushiri announced at a congregation in South Africa that his wife, Mama Mary Bushiri is fondly called was pregnant but that he (Bushiri) was not responsible for the pregnancy but the Holy Spirit. He said the outcome of the pregnancy will be another Jesus Christ.

Trickster Bushiri "Walking On Air"
Trickster Bushiri “Walking On Air”

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is well known for many world records, he is the first human being to release a video of himself walking in air.

He also released another video of angels visiting his church live becoming the first person in the world to have angels visiting his church physically.


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  1. victor   October 4, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Everyone follows this fake called prophet Bushiri are totally blind and idiots, they all following him cz of miracle money not any issue of God at all.


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