Bushiri Apologises To Antonio For Fake Prophecy On His Wife

Shepherd Bushiri and his nemesis, businessman Antonio Martin, have agreed to stop fighting after prophet Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng intervened.

Enlightened Christian Gathering leader prophet Shepherd Bushiri has finally apologised to his nemesis, businessman Antonio Martin over a fake prophecy about two years ago.

Bushiri and Martin, who have been warring since 2016, buried the hatchet at a hotel on Thursday.

Bushiri apologised to Martin for the fake prophecy on his wife and also asked for forgiveness for the prophecy that suggested that Martin’s mother was a witch who cast a spell on his sickly child.

Bushiri said: “In 2016, his wife came to church and I prophesied her after she complained that she had personal problems.

“I prophesied that her child was sickly because of the sangoma spirit he got through the help of Antonio’s mother. Antonio started running a Bushiri Must Fall campaign and threatened to disrupt my church services and many of my church members stayed away from church because they were terrified of his threat,” he said.

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