Breaking News: List Of Corrupt Ministers

Opposition Parties can easily disappear into political oblivion if they make deliberate populist allegations without supporting evidence. When Joyce Banda and her stinking People’s Party were caught red-handed with their fingers in the Till, they counter-argued with an overly greased yet stupid argument. DPP had stolen MK577 billion. We have stolen far much less.

The MK577 Billion issue has refused to die. Those with access to state files, have alleged that they had first hand information that showed which ministers in the current administration partook in the unholy communion of stealing state resources. They advocated January 31st as the deadline to spill the beans if Mutharika did not take voluntary action to name, shame, prosecute them.

Mutharika repeatedly challenged the agitators…., come up with the names. I will act.

Today is the 3rd February. There is no list.

Here is my take.

Just shut up. Don’t waste our time. You are hopeless and useless. Hunger and poverty of opposition politics drive you into politics of hallucinations. Accusations upon accusations without admissible and credible evidence. You are the same people that had gone on strike in parliament demanding better working conditions and abnormally high salaries while the nation was struggling.

From where I’m standing, opposition sentiments are good for nothing. They advance their personal agendas. Next time you see them Boil Water and Drink tea. Just relax.

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  1. James Ganizani   February 5, 2017 at 10:36 am

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